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Why Buying a Second Home is a Good Idea


-- You are able to deduct all of the mortgage interest up to a maximum of $1.1 million total on your first and second homes combined. For those that rent the residence out, additional rules apply.

-- Property taxes on your second home can be written off too. In contrast to the tax rules for mortgage interest, you can write off property taxes you pay on all properties you own.

-- If you rent out the residence for 14 days or less during the year, the rental income can be kept without a need to be reported. It is basically tax-free. Regardless if you're leasing it for a week at $6,000, the IRS does not want it to be reported. The reason being is because the property is regarded as a personal residence, which means you can still write off mortgage interest and property taxes according to the traditional second home rules.

-- If you rent out the place for greater than 14 days, all income received from rent needs to be reported. In addition, a portion of your expenses is deductible but only the period when the property is used for rent, not personal use time.

-- When the vacation home is considered a rental property, up to $25,000 in losses may be deductible annually, if personal use is limited to 14 days or 10 percent.

If you have been contemplating buying a second home, now could be the perfect time to purchase one. Since mortgage interest rates remain low by historic measures, and home prices are still pretty fairly valued.

The mortgage market changes on a regular basis, so shop around for a mortgage to get the best deal possible. The Federal Reserve looks for signs of an improving economy and may raise rates which affects one's ability to buy if they need a mortgage.

So, anyone who is well-qualified and genuinely would like to become a second home owner, this is a great time to buy especially in markets where tourists frequent or thriving metropolitan areas.

How to Begin

One of the best ways to start your search for a second home in the location you desire is to get in touch with a local real estate agent. Be certain that the agent you choose has good communication skills and takes the time to answer every question you have clearly. An insider tip to picking the right agent is to be certain they spend more time listening to you versus talking so that they have a thorough understanding of what you want.

Fortunately, many second-home buyers these days are more focused on making the most of their property and enjoy it with their families or friends instead of seeking a quick profit from a property flip.

-- If you are considering a second home on or near a beach in Florida, take into account the cost of flood insurance along with your homeowners insurance. The reason is because it's become gradually more difficult to get flood insurance in coastal neighborhoods. And if there's a history of weather events, it may have grown significantly in some communities.

Insurance companies see more risk since it is a second home and may not be properly looked after due to the location of the owner's primary residence. Example, a second home buyer who has a primary residence in New Jersey wants to purchase a vacation condo, villa, or luxury home in Florida.